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As quoted from a Congolese chief, "Water is Life."  Life is unsustainable without water and is disease-ridden and threatened when that water supply is not clean and safe. The primary water source for the Bulape Hospital is a spring located 1/4 mile down a steep hill and about two miles from the vilage. 

The Bulape Hospital has been without running water since the 1980s when the water pump failed.  During the rainy season, the hospital collects water in underground cisterns and then workers haul the water from the cisterns into the various buildings.  During the dry season, however, the collected water eventually runs out and the workers must resume hauling water from a ground source about two miles away.  This past summer, Congo Helping Hands replaced the water pump so water can be delivered to a cistern at the hospital year round.  The next step is to pump the water from the cistern into a water tower for distribution throughout the hospital labs, operating room, and wards.  The present water tower must be replaced due to corrosion and hidden holes.  Although there is internal plumbing throughout the hospital, it will require repairs once under water pressure.

Congo Helping Hands is seeking partners to help restore running water withing the Bulape Hospital.  If you are interested in working with us, please contact Woody Collins, via email.