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Malaria is a very real problem for the people on the continent of Africa where each year it causes over two million deaths.  It is the leading cause of death among children under five years of age as well as a major health threat to pregnant women. Pregnant women are four times more likely to contract malaria when exposed and twice as likely to die from the disease. The economic toll of malaria is also staggering. Repeated malaria infections not only rob families of their health, but also the ability to work.  Paying for treatment diverts scarce income from basic necessities and this leads to the repeated cycle of poverty and illness.



Because malaria is a disease caused by parasites carried by night-biting mosquitoes, an insecticide-treated mosquito net costing only $1.50 used over a bed at night is an effective deterrent. This program is called the 6-Quarter Solution because it only takes 6 quarters to keep malaria at bay.  Nets are effective, inexpensive and easy to use.


Just 6 quarters will provide an insecticide-treated mosquito net to help stop the spread of malaria.


Just $1.50 can get mosquito netting into the hands of a Congolese family.  Distribution will center at the Bulape Hospital located in central Congo.  When pregnant mothers attend prenatal classes at the hospital, they will receive a baby pack with essentials for a newborn as well as the netting. 


Mosquito nets are a natural and simple addition to support health and fight disease in the area.