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Congo Helping Hands has completed several mission trips to the Bulape area.


 Our first mission trip was April, 2005 with five people:  Pictured below from the left:  President of CHH Woody Collins, Nancy Hartmann, Prudie Wray, our Bulape interpreter Justin Mantshiumba, Dr. Rebecca Keith OB-GYN, and mechanical engineer Derek Keith.





 The second mission trip was June, 2005 including Dr. Rob Evans and his wife, Therese, and Mark Thomas along with Woody Collins and his daughter LaToya. 




Woody and Therese (seated) meet with the Mamas' Group to exchange ideas and information about projects to aid area women.










Therese (with hat) instructs teachers at the All-Girl High School about drip irrigation and sets up a dry season garden.  


Derek Keith checking water pipes at Bulape Hospital.








Below, Rob Evans (with red headband) and professional blacksmith Mark Thomas share techniques and ideas with  Bulape area blacksmiths who are quite capable, yet lack some newer knowledge.  





Dr. Rebecca Keith with Dr. Bernard Ngoy and Dr. Francois Kashala at Bulape Hospital.


If you are interested in participating in a trip to the Bulape area,

please contact CHH President, Woody Collins

The next trips are planned for the period January to March 2010, and July to September 2010.