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With many patients who cannot afford medical treatment, the hospital does its best to give aid to those who need it.  Large amounts of consumable supplies are used in providing necessary care, limiting infection, dispensing medicine, and improving the health of patients.  When these supplies are extinguished, all aspects of health care suffers greatly.

Please consider the following excerpt from the article  What Saves Lives?  Security, Access to Health Services  from the International Rescue Committee, December 2004.  Click on the link to read the entire article.

            Hygiene is a big problem,” says IRC’s health coordinator in Congo, Dr. Pascal Ngoy, who regularly visits rural health centers across the country. “Most health staff is forced to use disposable syringes several times, and ‘sterilization’ means washing equipment in cold water and soap. Using non-sterilized equipment can easily lead to the spread of serious infections, including HIV.”

Donations from medical supply companies help make ends meet for the hospital's routine care.  Please consider the donation of overstocked items, wrong orders, unneeded sizes, etc. which can be sent directly to the hospitals and clinics.  A 2004 donation of $4,000 worth of unused samples from a medical supply sales representative brought a sigh of relieve from nurses struggling to "make do."  Thanks Brad!  This donation included items like elastic bandages, sterile gauze, exam and surgical gloves, disposable scalpels, test tubes with stand, tissue forceps and tongue depressors. When you have nothing, a little is a lot. 

In 2005, St. Francis Hospital in Indianapolis joined our Congo efforts by donating 40 boxes of consumable medical supplies.