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Congo Helping Hands (CHH) will originate its efforts in the town of Bulape in the Kasai Occidental Province of central DRCongo.  Bulape is an isolated, yet viable village located 380 miles east of the capital city of Kinshasa with a population of approximately19,000. It's water source is a small spring at the bottom of a steep incline.  Bulape is the location of the 131-bed reference hospital in the Bulape Health Zone which serves 26 health clinics and a population of approximately 150,000 throughout the area.  I

Through a multi-faceted approach, various areas of need are given support: health, education, agriculture, and micro economics. 

What we do and why we need you too!


There is a general lack of awareness of the plight and needs of Africans and specifically, the Congolese.  Through the distribution of various types of materials, we hope to garner compassion and motivation to respond. CHH provides interviews, presentations and lectures as well as various materials including brochures, flyers, videos, articles, and inserts for various media. 


Of course a major part of raising financial support will come from various fundraising efforts. Please check our calendar of events for the latest information concerning fundraising opportunities.  Offering goods and services, however, are also invaluable assets for the efficient use of resources to get the most done for the lowest cost.  calendar of events

Research, Education and Development

The Congolese lack access to educational resources and the means to complete their own research and development. Therefore, CHH will promote the research, study and development of projects to better determine and meet the needs of the people of the DRC.  We will contact other organizations and facilities, both domestic and abroad, who have experienced similar needs to those of the Congolese and have found viable solutions, who can prepare individuals to visit the DRC, and who can help develop rural agricultural and water projects as well as other future endeavors.

Mission Trips
Details of past and upcoming mission trips will be posted, including photographs, personal reflections, and journal entries of the participants.  Several members of CHH have already visited the Democratic Republic of the Congo and our next mission is planned for April 2005.  Please pray for safe travel, effective communication, and great opportunities.


You have already begun to participate because you are reading this!  Thanks!   Active participation by individuals or groups  is greatly appreciated and necessary in order to improve the quality of life for the Congolese.  Please contact us if you would like to participate or partner with Congo Helping Hands!