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What do you see in a basic classroom?  There are the students, of course, and a teacher.  And usually there are books and desks and various resources for learning like maps, encyclopedias, and charts.  In the schools of the Congo, there are also students and a teacher, but not much else.  There might be a chalkboard, but on average, there is only one school text book for every 500 students. Students must rely on what a teacher has learned and what is presented on the chalkboard. 






Even with school fees as low as $15 per year, parents struggle to pay for their children to attend school and still cannot afford books or notebooks or even a pen. Such poverty makes owning a book a great challenge and privilege. 

$25 will buy a teacher all of the school books and notebooks that he/she needs to teach one year of schooling. It is our prayer that each student will someday have books also.

French is the official language of the Congo, and so textbooks and resources in the French language are needed. Several school systems in French-speaking Canada have donated unused textbooks. If you have access to unused French textbooks, charts or maps that you wish to donate to the Congo, please contact us to arrange for pick up. Please note that books need to be limited in their use of western culture.